Congratulations on your Wedding! Thank you again for choosing Chi-Town-Weddings. Please use the following information to help guide you though the post wedding phase of delivering your precious memories to you and your families. 

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Downloading Photos from Dropbox
Viewing and Downloading from Chi-Town-Weddings website for personal printing
Choosing Photos for Your Album
Downloading the Photo App preview
Caring for/storing your Archival Albums

Download your Photos from Dropbox
Chi-Town-Weddings prefers the “green way” of delivering your photos straight to your computer or device. Dropbox is a third-party service that allows you to download your photos from the cloud.  It is not required to have a Dropbox account to download your files. If you have a free account, the size of your weddings photos may surpass the limits of an free account. You will only be able to download a zip file that will have to be extracted after downloading.

Best practices for downloading from Dropbox
When you view your images in Dropbox they will be setup in the following file structure:

[year]-[month]-[day] EX: “2018-06-28”

Inside the folder will be sub folders, Complete-Wedding and As-Seen-In-Preview  If you chose an album with your package your Low-Res folders will also include the following folders:

BW  (Black and white)
Complete-Wedding  (Every color photo captured at your wedding)
HCS  (High Contrast/Saturation)
As-Seen-In-Preview  (As seen in the Photo App preview)
Sepia  (Sepia tone)

Download each of these folders one at a time. First, click the folder that you would like to download, then at the top right click the Screenshot 2014-05-13 12.06.28 icon and choose “Download as Zip”. After the file is finished downloading, you’ll have to extract the files from the zip file to a folder on your computer.

About Low-Res files
The low res files are designed for you to post to social media or email to friends and family. Your friends and family can then print a 5×7 or 4×6. The low res files are watermarked.


Viewing and downloading from Dropbox for personal printing (4×6 or 5×7 max)
The Low res files will be kept on dropbox for about 2 years. Feel free to share this link with family and friends or your vendors. They will be able to make a personal print of 5×7 or smaller.

Choosing photos for your Album(s)
Every photo captured by Chi-Town-Weddings is tied to a 4 digit number. EX: Chi-Town-Weddings-3598. You can reference that number from the files downloaded via Dropbox or from the CDR/USB provided by Chi-Town-Weddings. Each file will have the “Chi-Town-Weddings” prefix then the number listed after it. Preceding the file number is two bits of important information for you to easily understand what your looking at. HR stands for “High-Res” and LR stands for “Low-Res”. After the “HR” or “LR” is another bit of information, the color effect of the photo…EX: Chi-Town-Weddings-HR-BW-5555.jpg

BW=Black and White
HCS=High Contrast Saturation
PV=Preview (as seen in your photo app preview)
CW=Complete Wedding
CE=Complete Engagement

**When making a list of the photos you want for your album, please list the 4 digit number then the color code. EX: 4568-BW or 4568-PV


Downloading your Photo App Preview

Approximate 20 of the best photos from your wedding will be made into a photo app. Your app will work on all Apple devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) and the latest Androids. Its also designed to share with your families and friends. Even when offline or in “airplane mode” you will be able to view your photos once downloaded to your device.

Here are additional instructions for use on your smart device.

iPhone /iPod/iPad- (instructions will also appear when you first open the album).

  • 1. Click on the share button on the BROWSER BAR (this is the box that looks like it has an arrow coming out of it it’s on the top for iPads and the bottom for iPhones/iPods).
  • 2. Select Save to home screen
  • 3. The icon will save to the homes screen
  • 4. Click on the icon, after it has saved to the home screen to open the app, the first time you launch the album you will want to wait until you see the download complete and green check-mark before you view your images.

Android phones/tablets: (instructions will also appear when you first open the album).

Note that not ALL android phones will allow you to add the icon to the home screen.

  • 1. Bookmark the page you want to add to a Home screen
  • 2. Open the browser “bookmarks” screen
  • 3. Long-press the bookmark you want
  • 4. Select “Add to Home screen” or add shortcut to home screen (your device may support one or the other or both).
  • 5. Click on the icon on the home screen to launch the album, the first time you launch the album you will need to wait until you see the download complete sign before you start to view your images.

Caring for your archival albums by Chi-Town-Weddings

  • Never leave your archival album laying out in the sun.
  • Never store your archival album on the floor (carpet or hard wood).
  • Do not allow your album to become wet or store in a damp location
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