Robert R. Gigliotti
You can contact Chi-Town-Weddings directly via the contact page for a private consultation.

Here are a few typical questions…

Q: Do you have any current promotions?
A: Yes! Book between December 1st, 2017 and January 31st, 2018 and receive 15% off selected items. When you book the following packages, you can receive a minimum of the following discount: 

Masterpiece Package: $575 off! —Premier Package: $490 off! —Classic Package: $355 off! —Simple Package: $375 off! —Simple II Package: $450 off! —Kiss II Package: $300 off!

Reach out for more details!

Q: Do you have a Drone (Quad-Copter) to take photos or video at my ceremony and reception? 
A: Yes, I do. I also have a commercial license allowing me to legally operate a drone at your wedding. Taking photos or 4k video from a drone at your wedding is limited to out-doors, good weather and your vicinity to a nearby airport (we can apply for clearance 90 days in advance) Restrictions apply. Reach out directly for rates. 

Q: Do you have a college Degree?
A: Yes, at Purdue University, Bachelors of Science in Digital Imaging GPA 3.8 out of 4.0

Q: How long have you been Photographing weddings?
A: My first wedding was in 2006, but I really starting shooting on a regular basis in 2008 (nearly 10 years).

Q: What is your style?
A: I’d say Creative, Spontaneous, Modern, Photo-journalistic/candid and easily adaptable to your style. I love to have your input on photo ideas to make any photo shoot your own.

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Q: Where can I read reviews, comments or compliments about your services?
A: In a few places, my Wedding Facebook Page , Wedding wire and the Knot. I’m now “Best of the Knot” for 2014, 2015, 2016 and again in 2017 making it into the “Hall of Fame” with over 70 five-star reviews and growing!

Q: Are you on Yelp? 
A: Yes, but I don’t encourage people to review me on Yelp as Yelp has removed more then 10 5-star reviews clients have left. Many clients just want to sign up, leave one review and not return. Yelp will ultimately remove those reviews. I find that the Knot and Wedding Wire are better places to leave reviews specifically for Wedding Photographers or related services.

Q: I have my own ideas and or I have a photographer in the family…are you open to ideas?
A: Yes, I’m always open to new ideas. I love it when you, your guests or a family photographer has an idea. I’m open to try anything you like. In my experience, the more ideas the better. I’m also on Pinterest…so pin away and share your boards with me! I’ll have them on my phone while shooting and if I see that we can replicate something you’ve pinned, we’ll give it a try!

Q: Can you send me a link to a complete wedding you photographed? 
A: I’m sorry, No. There is no way to protect the privacy of my clients when sending a link to a gallery. Photos are easily downloaded and weddings are packed full of private, often emotional and possibly sensitive info captured. I will however allow you to flip through an complete event on my Ipad when we meet in person. 

Q: Will I be able to contact you before the wedding?
A: Yes, I’m always available for my clients. All my clients have my cell phone, office phone and email. You can call, text, email and I’ll respond quickly. I typically meet all my clients to sign the contract, at the engagement shoot, at the venue for a walk through and speak with them as needed prior to the wedding. As well, I like to go over the timeline two to four weeks prior to the wedding with my clients. This also makes me stand out amongst other studios, when you call or text, you’ll speak with me, not a sales agent or assistant.

Q: What makes you stand out against other photographers?
A: My personality and my work. I’ll capture 100’s of amazing photos on your wedding day. I can achieve mood and creativity with my camera and lenses that don’t require Photoshop. I can go with the flow and be positively directive to capture the moment requested by the Bride and Groom and find others along the way. I think quick on my feet and there are always alternatives to any given situation. I stay positive and keep moving forward with a smile.

Q: What about shooting weddings do you like best?
A: I really enjoy the positive energy created by the Bride, Groom and wedding party. This translates well into photography and that is the moment that makes it for me. I can share with the Bride and Groom, on the spot a shot I know is amazing, and they can see that too. I love it when they’re smiling big after taking a peak at the shot I just captured.

Q: What do you do when not photographing weddings?
A: I have a family and a young daughter that I love to spend time with. My freelance schedule allows me to spend time volunteering in her classroom/school. I enjoy architecture, traveling, and exploring new urban environments. I spend time studying architecture as I’m often placing the Bride and Groom in similar settings. I try to visualize where that placement could be if I were here with a couple at that moment.

Q: I’m planning a destination wedding, will you travel to our wedding?
A: Yes, I am happy to travel to your wedding. Contact me for details about your destination wedding!

Q: Do I get all the high-res files from my wedding on a CD?
A: Yes, you will receive a CD/DVD of all the photos from your Wedding. All photos will be posted to an online private gallery. You will be able to print any of these files. You can also download them from a zip file or Dropbox.

Q: Can I have the “RAW” files?
A: No, the “RAW” would be useless to you. My process is to deliver to you a beautiful images that are not only printable, but usable. The “RAW” files wouldn’t reflect those edits, you couldn’t open them or print from them. The High Res jpgs are fully edited and exported for you to get amazing prints from anywhere you try to print them.

Q: I still want the RAW files, can I have them?
A: Yes, you can purchase the highest-res commercial grade files I have for an extra fee.

Q: I’ve lost my photos/hard-drive crash…etc. Will you send me another disc or post them online again?
A: Yes of course! Chi-Town-Weddings goes to great lengths to make sure your wedding files are carefully archived for years to come. Weddings are kept just over a year on two local computers and each of those is backed up to another external drive. After a year and 3 months, your photos are removed and burned on a 1 time DVD and stored in a fire proof safe. If you are with-in 1 year and 3 months of your wedding date, I will do this at no cost to you. After that, there will be an Archival fee of $150 and +$75 for each year after that.

Q: How do you protect yourself from computer crashes, loss of data so my Wedding Photos do not become lost forever?
A: Please refer the the question above for my process…and above and beyond that I also use dropbox to archive/backup all photos that are stored for any period of time. Your files are then shared to my network on various locations. In the event my personal work space is damaged due to fire or water, there is a backup offsite + in a fire safe on DVD’s.

Q: How much is the down-payment to hold the date/book you for my wedding?
A: Its a minimum of 1/3 of the total to hold the date. If your wedding day is 1 year in advance or longer, I’m happy to take $300 down and another 1 or 2 payments in the future to bring the down-payment current. The 2nd 1/3 payment will be due 45 days prior to your wedding. The Final payment is due the day of your wedding. If you would like to spread these payments out over the course of the year, I’m happy to do that too.

Q: Can I create a custom wedding package?
A: Of course! I create different wedding packages to so that everyone can choose the right one for them. Not everyone has the same vision, budget requirements, timeline, or use for particular extras. Just ask me and we’ll design the perfect solution just for you. 

Q: What are my options for payment?
A: I can take credit cards over the phone or in person via the “Square“. If you prefer Paypal, I can request money though your email or you can send me money as a friend or family with no fee. I can also accept Chase QuickPay  and Payment via PCN Bank. If your bank has a free money transfer service, please advise and I’m happy to sign up to complete the transfer with your Bank. I will also accept personal checks and cash. For electronic payment I use the email on Paypal, Chase and PCN…Most free transfer services will work with my email and or cell number: 312-498-7087. 

Q: Are your rates the same on Holidays?
A: No, I have an service charge added to the Photography fee. This service charge is not added to the engagement shoot, Album or DVD Slide show.

The Following dates are:

Jan – New years Day
Feb – Valentines Day
April – Easter Weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun)
May – Memorial Day (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)
July – Independence day (Day before, Day of and Day after)
Sept – Labor Day (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)
Oct – Halloween day
Nov – Thanksgiving (Day of + Friday, Sat, Sun Following weekend)
Dec – Christmas (Day of + Friday, Sat, Sun closest weekend)
Dec – New Years Eve

Q: What type of camera and lenses do you shoot with?
A: I use Canon cameras and currently photograph all weddings with two cameras, the 5D Mark III and the 5D Mark II. I use a variety of Canon and fixed focal length Zeiss lenses to suit the space allotted, available light, restrictions of the church, distance of subject, in-doors or out and time limitations. Lenses that travel with me to all weddings:
24-70mm f/2.8 – The best all around general purpose lens
70-200mm f/2.8 – Perfect when limited at the Church or when required to shoot at a distance.
50mm f/1.4 – Portraits and low light.
85mm f/1.4 – Amazing portrait lens
17-35mm f/2.8 – Ultra wide for tight spaces and creative/unique shots.

Q: Our Church or reception is very dark/has limited light… will you still be able to capture the moment?
A: Yes, Both of my cameras are very powerful even at low light levels with the ISO cranked up (light sensitivity). I have 4 powerful battery operated flashes (Canon EX-RT 600’s) that work wireless together lighting even the darkest of rooms. I also use 2-3 small stands that can be moved quickly into position to ensure that each moment is captured and in perfect light.

Q: Do you work with an assistant?
A: It often makes sense to have one based on the shooting requirements, location and equipment needed to complete the shoot. When working with my photo booth, I always use an assistant to better server your guests. If you spend more than $5k I will cover the expense of my assistant. Alternatively you can pay the expense and they can act as an 2nd photographer for the important moments where two cameras make sense. If you require a 2nd full time seasoned professional photographer, I can provide one of my Associates for you. 

Q:What is the “DVD Slide show” and can I see an example of it?
A: Yes you may! Below is a recent Chi-Town-Weddings DVD slide show.

Q: My Album was lost in a natural disaster, can you replace it? 
A: Yes, in the unfortunate event that your album is lost in a natural disaster Chi-Town-Weddings will replace them free of charge. This is restricted to the Ultra Premium, Premium photo book and Photo Book.

Q: Do you have Insurance? 
A: Yes I do. In the unlikely event while shooting on-site property is damaged during your wedding there is a Liability and Medical Expenses and Personal injury Policy of 1,000,000. In the event that your photographer is injured there is a Workers Compensation Policy of 1,000,000. In the event your venue needs proof of insurance for their records, please have a representative from the venue reach out to Chi-Town-Weddings directly and I’ll happily send them a copy of the policy with their name listed on the policy. 


Thank you…Robert R Gigliotti
Chi-Town-Weddings Photographer and Proprietor